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Monday, 3 October 2011

LEARNING GUITAR-step by step! #1

KNOW YOUR GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)Head-Part where strings are tightened across pins.
2)Tuning Keys-Pins used to tune the strings by tightening or loosening them.
3)Finger Board-Board to move fingers to produce different sounds.
4)Frets-Copper pipings used to show the position of  musical notes (svara).
5)Belly-Wooden portion which makes the base for sound production.
6)Sounding Hole-A hole to enhance sound effects i.e. echo.
7)Sounding Board-Portion below belly where strings are plucked to produce sound.
8)Bridge-Wooden/Plastic piece to hold strings on the other end using pins.
9)Bridge Pins-Pins used to hold the strings.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Learning Guitar-step by step!

Beginners Tips for Learning to Play the Guitar Easily

Almost anyone that wants can learn to play the guitar.
Quitting excessively early is done by most just at starting. Most give up the first time as they have trouble since they are not trying hard enough to learn the instrument.
Even their fingers hurt or they no longer have time to practice is what most beginners insist. The reason they find it difficult to learn playing the guitar is that do not practice nearly enough and that is what has to be done. What is takes to endure the lessons they need to learn is what they do not know.

Here is a list of tips that need to be kept in mind for those wanting to learn to play the guitar.

  • Ready for investment

Using the best instrument possible is what learning to play the guitar is closest too. If they have the right equipment for the activity people learn faster and easier.Not necessarily the best guitar but one that is good is important to invest in. The better strings on the good guitars will trigger quality play and better sound. Those that have not yet experience playing the guitar will get comfort from a good guitar.

  •  Practice Regularly.Practice should be done on a regular basis. Learning how to play the guitar and do it well is only done through practice.

  •  Teaching your self.
Learning to play the guitar alone may be better for beginners. You can become acquainted with the guitar in a short time when you don’t feel pressured.
That you do not need an instructor at all is not what this means. Before you seek the help of an instructor it is better to teach yourself the basics.
It will be easier for you to learn and understand an instructor after you are familiar with the guitar. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, to learn to play the guitar. In order to advance to the next level you need interest, determination and grit.RUX5UZ27UCWE

Friday, 23 September 2011



Force India F1 is the trading name of Force India Formula One Team Limited, a Silverstone, England based Formula One motor racing team which currently holds an Indian licence.

 The team was formed in October 2007 when a consortium led by Indian businessmanVijay Mallya and Michiel Mol bought the Spyker F1 team for € 88 million.Force India F1 represents increased Indian participation within Formula One, with Greater Noida set to host the first Indian Grand Prix in 2011.The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile confirmed the change in name from Spyker to Force India on 24 October 2007.

After going through 29 races without scoring points, Force India won their first Formula One world championship points and podium place when Giancarlo Fisichella finished second in the2009 Belgian Grand Prix,Force India scored points again in the following race when Adrian Sutil finished fourth, and set the team's first fastest lap, at the Italian Grand Prix. The team's current drivers are Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta, with Nico Hülkenberg as the more....


  • Sebastian Vettel (DEU), Red Bull, 284PTS 
  • Fernando Alonso (ESP), Ferrari, 172PTS 
  • Jenson Button (GBR), McLaren. 167PTS
  • Mark Webber (AUS) ,Red Bull ,167PTS
  • Lewis Hamilton (GBR) ,McLaren ,158PTS
  • Felipe Massa (BRA) ,Ferrari, 82PTS
  • Nico Rosberg (DEU), Mercedes ,56PTS
  • Michael Schumacher (DEU) ,Mercedes ,52PTS
  • Vitaly Petrov (RUS), Renault, 34PTS 
  • Nick Heidfeld (DEU) ,Renault, 34PTS
  • Kamui Kobayashi (JAP,Sauber ,27PTS
  •  Adrian Sutil (DEU), Force India ,24PTS 

Race Date:30 Oct 2011 
Circuit Name:Buddh International Circuit,NEW DELHI
Number of Laps:60Circuit Length:5.137 Km
Race Distance:TBC

LATEST BUZZ:Adrian Sutil is prepared to wait it out for a final decision from Force India about a contract for next year, after rubbishing speculation that he visited Williams recently for talks with the Grove-based out-fit.
Force India has said it will wait until December to decide on its driver line-up for 2012, which means its current drivers could be left in limbo if they are not kept onboard and other seats are already taken.Sutil said in Singapore on Thursday, however, that he is relaxed about his situation - and he dismissed rumours that he was in talks with Williams after reports suggested that both he and Kimi Raikkonen have recently visited the factory.
"I didn't go there. I wasn't there. I have no contacts with them," said Sutil when asked about the Williams rumours.
Sutil insisted he was not worried by Force India holding back on a decision – and reckoned his best tactic was simply to concentrate on doing the best job possible.
"At this moment it is difficult to see where is possible," he said. "The team is very good here; it is doing a good performance. I know the team for a long time, so whatever I do I have to think twice if it is a good next step.
"The top teams are all closed anyway, the top four, so maybe there is no reason to change. I am just concentrated on my race, and see where it goes. I have no plans.
"The team wants wait until December and they don't want to tell who will be in the seat, otherwise they wouldn't wait so long.
"Whatever I do now, I have to be fast and I have to score some points. Then hopefully it is enough for them to say yes, he deserves another year with us, or not. If I do my races as I can, as good as possible, then I will get a seat."
Sutil also made it clear that his future was not dependent on backing from personal sponsor Medion.
"I have always had a good couple of sponsors. They have been with me from the beginning, that is important, but I don't need sponsors to survive in F1."

Monday, 19 September 2011


Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, or nAChRs, are cholinergic receptors that form ligand-gated ion channels in the plasma membranes of certain neurons and on the postsynaptic side of theneuromuscular junction . As ionotropic receptors, nAChRs are directly linked to ion channels and do not use second messengers (as metabotropic receptors do.
  If u think nicotine receptors are only important to smokers trying to kick the tobacco habit,then there's also a good news for them!New research suggests that these receptors also play an important role in social interaction and the ability to choose between competing motivations.This new knowledge  could one day lead to novel treatments for ADHD,Schizophrenia and depression,among other illnesses.

 "One of the main aims would be to understand and help people to make good decisions for themselves and to maintain,during old age,such abilities in the social domain as well as in other aspects of our lives",said Sylvie Granon,a researcher involved in the work from the Universite Paris Sud XI and CNRS UMR 8620,Centre de Neurosciences Paris-Sud,Orsay,France.To make this discovery,Granon and colleagues introduced a mice with  perfrontal cortex and then removing it and analysing the results.

"This research can be summed up by saying that it's the real life equivalent of Chatty Cathy marrying the Marlboro Man. Who could have guessed that there may be a biological explanation for 'social butteflies'.This explanation was found in an area of the brain(perfrontal cortex) that for decades has been considered a locus for nicotine addiction",said Gerald Weissmann,M.D.,Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal.claim token RUX5UZ27UCWE

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