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Monday, 3 October 2011

LEARNING GUITAR-step by step! #1

KNOW YOUR GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)Head-Part where strings are tightened across pins.
2)Tuning Keys-Pins used to tune the strings by tightening or loosening them.
3)Finger Board-Board to move fingers to produce different sounds.
4)Frets-Copper pipings used to show the position of  musical notes (svara).
5)Belly-Wooden portion which makes the base for sound production.
6)Sounding Hole-A hole to enhance sound effects i.e. echo.
7)Sounding Board-Portion below belly where strings are plucked to produce sound.
8)Bridge-Wooden/Plastic piece to hold strings on the other end using pins.
9)Bridge Pins-Pins used to hold the strings.

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